Dive into Modern Design with Faux Concrete Walls

Faux concrete walls are an affordable and easy-to-install way to decorate your home. The process involves using an overlay stenciled with concrete to transform plain wallboards into beautiful brick designs.

GBS Penetrating Sealer protects substrates by filling in voids within the molecules. It is therefore a better choice for substrates such as brick, stucco or concrete.


False wall panels are a great option if you do not have the money or time pouring concrete. They are lightweight and feature the polyurethane layer, which makes them easy to clean. Installing them is not necessary that’s why you’ll save cash on professional installation, and transform your home at home.

Additionally, you can get the appearance of a concrete wall using paint or drywall cement. These finishes are easier to apply than concrete resurfacer however they may not provide the same texture.

The LOFT Raw paint is a simple to apply concrete-look interior wall covering that creates contemporary urban ambience. It is an excellent alternative to paint for walls as it is the closest that you will find to real concrete. When applying it, make sure to moisten the surface with the help of a sponge (work on +20-30 sqft at an duration of 20-30 sqft). Once you’ve applied LOFT Raw, you can use trowels made of stainless steel to smooth the softened surface and create the “raw” appearance.

Best Sealant for Faux Concrete

The ideal choice to seal the fake concrete walls is a penetrating sealing agent such as Enhancer Shield, which is made available in both water- and solvent-based formulations. The process works by infusing the concrete surface, allowing it to repel moisture and de-icing salts without changing texture or causing harm. It is an excellent choice for outdoor surfaces due to the fact that it reduces chances of freezing-thawing and spalling, as in preventing mildew growth and staining.

Decorative painting

It is easy to use. You just need to scrape the paint that has started to peel. Etch or sand concrete, if needed. Rinse, and allow to dry. After that, apply two coats using brushes, a 1/4-inch nap roller, or pump sprayer waiting at least 10 minutes between each coat. It will be dry to touch in four hours. It’s ready for taking a walk or driving within an hour and completely waterproof after about 72 hours. It’s a very durable and inexpensive option for protecting your concrete floor.

Faux Concrete Wall Maintenance

Fake concrete cement paint wall panels add a modern look to your house. They are ideal for those who do not want to put up the expense or spend the time to construct genuine concrete walls but want the look of concrete. The panels have been evaluated as being fireproof as well as weatherproof.

Contrary to the real thing, faux concrete panels aren’t required to be set in molds. They can be cleaned easily. Polyurethane is what’s used to create these panels. This durable material can resist impact and scratches. For keeping these panels looking fresh, you can simply clean them down with gentle cloth.

This section is being re-parged by using cement to fill in pits and areas that were lost their elasticity. The process should last for two days.

Protecting Faux Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is durable solid, dependable and highly durable material, which is used in a assortment of industrial purposes. Concrete isn’t impervious and without proper protection and care the concrete industrial surfaces can be damaged by environmental factors.

Concrete surfaces need to be guarded against damage from water, whether they’re being used as walls, countertops, or floors. There are numerous tried and true methods for protecting concrete surfaces. It is best to speak with a concrete protector expert about the ideal product for your environment.

The decorative painting technique can create a dramatic effect to any plain concrete surface. The faux finisher Kim Longoa transforms an outdoor concrete patio to a comfy, carpeted lounge area by applying adhesive stencils, hand-painted stain. Kim Longoa’s faux finishing also used stenciling to make an edging of slate that runs around pavers with red and features a lily-pond.