Glossary of Thailand Counter Surveillance Terms

Ever pondered pretty much those bizarre expressions in covert agent motion pictures? Surveillance and counter surveillance has its own language loaded up with abbreviations and specialized phrasing. Be that as it may, dread not, here is the A-Z of the most famous terms utilized inside the spying game.

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Bug – a shrouded electronic gadget used to catch record or potentially communicate information to an accepting gathering. Frequently this is a little disguised mouthpiece joined with a radio transmitter.

Bug Sweeping – this is an activity completed by counter surveillance experts to distinguish and eliminate secretive sound and visual surveillance gadgets from zones, for example, private homes, vehicles and friends meeting rooms.

Contact Microphone – a mouthpiece utilized by busybodies to get sound when it is put in direct contact with a divider or other huge level vibrating surface.

Countermeasures – activities taken to counter snooping, surveillance and security dangers. Countermeasures range from standard electronic bug scopes of a structure to just actualizing security rules for an association.

Counters Surveillance – the estimates taken to forestall undesirable surveillance including secret surveillance. Counter surveillance techniques may incorporate electronic cycles, for example, bug clearing or human investigation of premises. Counter surveillance will regularly utilize a bunch of countermeasures to decrease the danger of future surveillance dangers.

Dead Letter Box – A mystery area where spies can leave things, for example, reports for one another without the threat of up close and personal gatherings.

GSM Device – Global System for Mobile correspondences (GSM) gadgets utilize the cell phone foundation and innovation to transfer sound to a snoop in a distant area counter surveillance thailand. The worldwide idea of the cell phone network is with the end goal that a gadget planted in a meeting room in one city can be checked from an area securely on the opposite side of the world.

GSM Detector – an electronic gadget used to identify the presence of dynamic cell phones in the encompassing region that are utilizing the GSM administration.

Satellite Phone Blocker – blocks those pieces of the L-band range utilized by satellite phones by emanating a tweaked signal clearing over the band which muffles nearby gathering from the satellites.