Planting Avocado Seed – How to Boost the Perfect One?

When you know how it is to go about planting avocado seed, you will start developing your indoor avocado plant which will bring you some fruit and years of pleasure. Just follow these steps and you will see turn and your avocado seed start to sprout into a plant.

Preparing the Seed

Cut open the Avocado and remove the seed, being careful not to damage or reduce the seed. Scrub the pit under cold water to remove residue or any fruit which may be left on it, then dry with paper towel or a soft cloth. Push against them enough so that they will hold the pit set up and are safe. Fill jar or a glass Suspend the pit on the edge of the jar and with water of the pit submerged in the water. The end of the pit should be the end from the water.

What to do?

Next in planting Avocado seed is currently allowing the pit do its thing. Set the jar where it will not spill or get knocked over and just so the pit is in water be sure that you keep the water level. In about 3 weeks, you should see the cover of the pit start to split and roots forming in the water. There is more than 1 pair of leaves and following the sprout gets about six-inches tall or so, pinch the set of leaves off. This will aid out the branch and become more like a tree. You should have leaves and roots on the tree that is new.

What are the Benefits and Properties of Avocado?

Planting Time

You can plant your outside in case you reside in a place where it will not freeze in the winter, avocado. If you reside in a colder place, your avocado will not survive so you will need to transplant it. If you plant it in a pot, do not bury the cover of the pit and use a good quality potting soil, leave about half of it sticking out of the floor is sure that the roots are covered up.  Set location, it needs sun to grow. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Start looking for leaves that are yellow if your avocado leaves turn yellow, it is getting too much water if avocado tree height wilts or turn brown, it is not getting enough. Every time the plant develops a foot or so to another half, pinch the leaves that are exact to keep it wholesome and branching out. In your tree, the wild could grow 20 to 40 feet tall but at the home if you prune it, you may keep it more manageable and smaller. At times planting avocado seed may result as they can pollinate each other but your odds increase.