Affiliate Marketing – What do you Need to Know?

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is gaining popularity day by day due to the consciousness. Merchants have recognized that affiliate marketing proves beneficial for both of these. Affiliate marketing gives the retailer the opportunity to advertise their products at a low cost while the affiliates find affiliate marketing as an easy way to earn money online and that too by doing something that they could like

The perception of people about affiliate marketing has undergone a sea change with the popularity of affiliate marketing. No one believes affiliate marketing as an alternate method of advertisement of merchandise by a retailer or as a source of income for an affiliate. As of this moment, affiliate marketing is now the principal source of revenues and profits for affiliates and the merchants. PPC is the most Popular and the easiest method of making money for affiliates using sites that are smaller. An affiliate gets paid when a visitor is known to his website i.e. when a user clicks through the merchant’s banner or text ads. This payment to the affiliate does not depend on if the visitor makes any purchase on the seller’s site.

Unlike that, under PPP affiliate marketing the affiliate gets paid only if any purchase is really made by the visitor or when the visitor becomes a lead. As a result of this difference, the yields on PPC for an affiliate could be less than PPP. PPP affiliate marketing is regarded as a much better bet for the affiliates in addition to for the retailer. Similarly Pay per Performance affiliate marketing has been categorized into two classes: pay per earnings and pay per lead. As its name implies under the PPS system, the affiliate only gets paid if real sales is created while under PPL affiliate program, the affiliate gets paid if the visitor fills up an application form or any such similar form associated with business of the business.

This sort of system is used by firms which depend like insurance and finance businesses on prospects for their growth. These are different kinds of affiliate marketing programs. When the affiliates only get paid on the basis of direct traffic or sales he has referred to the merchant’s website, this sort of program comes under single tier affiliate marketing. Likewise if he has paid for the direct visitors he has referred and for each traffic Click here or sales that is been created by affiliates advocated by him, he comes under the two tier affiliate marketing. Like two tiers, the affiliate gets paid in tier affiliate program but besides that he gets paid for affiliates.